Going obese on convenience

In my admittedly anecdotal view of the world, I often see what I consider to be some unusual behaviour. Daily habits from driving to locations a short walk away, to reaching for the air conditioner a bit too readily. Resorting to eat take away or microwave meals several times a week, or the habitual use of disposable cutlery and crockery.

All of this has one thing in common. That is convenience.

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The Making of a Shuffler – Part 2: My Early 20’s

This is the 2nd of a 3 part post about how I got to where I am today. See Part 1 here.

Now that we have the discussion about my upbringing out of the way, let us delve into how I dealt with money in my early 20’s.

Despite a lot of extravagant spending in the past, I have somehow still managed to make it out of my university years in one piece. There are certainly people that have done much better than I. Nonetheless here is the next part of my story. Continue reading “The Making of a Shuffler – Part 2: My Early 20’s”

Why I write what I write

It has been over 6 months now since I started my FI/RE blog, Life Long Shuffle. It is here that I endeavour to challenge societal norms, unveil the frugal habits which were ingrained during my childhood, share how I’ve saved money and highlight my view on topics such as superannuation, franking credits and real estate . Sharing my early retirement journey with others has been bloody awesome.  I’ve also gained inspiration from others that have already successfully reached their goal.

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The Making of a Shuffler – Part 1: Lessons of Childhood

I have received a shit load of requests of people asking me “How did you save your first $200k Pat?”

Most people want to know how much was earned and how much was saved. However, it would be daft of me not to share the roots of my story. That full story is of course from my childhood. I have tried to pick out and dissect what I believe to be some of the most influential factors that have made me Pat the Shuffler today. These life lessons eventually led to my accumulating of $200k with no real goal in mind. Continue reading “The Making of a Shuffler – Part 1: Lessons of Childhood”

The first world problem of efficiency

The marvel of modern capitalism and economies of scale have reduced all of our necessities to almost completely trivial purchases.  The true work and effort that goes into doing or creating stuff can quite easily become very opaque to us. Especially when you can purchase a whole 900g of life sustaining oats that will easily be enough for over 1 week of breakfasts for a laughably tiny $1.30. Continue reading “The first world problem of efficiency”

Cool ways to keep warm this winter – The non money burning guide

This may come as a surprise to international Shufflers, but things can get quite cold down under. Not proper cold, like it gets in Russia or Canada, but pretty cold for our weak ass bodies that have become accustomed to the beautiful, hot Australian summer days. Just the other weekend it got down to 6ºC (43ºF) in Sydney and actually much lower than that in other parts of the country. This caused a wave of headlines announcing record breaking cold temperatures. We really are a precious bunch, but nonetheless this got me thinking about staying warm. Continue reading “Cool ways to keep warm this winter – The non money burning guide”