FAQs – Let’s clear a few things up

Over the last few days my early retirement story has been published in some large Australian media outlets, namely the ABC.

This has lead to a huge number of people reading through my website, seeing what an awesome idea this is and giving me a virtual high five. It has also lead to an even larger number of people being terribly confused about how this is even possible, with some making all sorts of crazy assumptions.

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A Year of Shuffling – 2017 in Review – All will be revealed (almost)

Throughout 2017, I have often felt that my progress to Financial Independence (FI) appeared very slow and the task at hand seemed insurmountable. 

Several times I felt that I was getting absolutely nowhere with my savings, only to later update my Monthly Progress Tracker and realise I have actually made a 5 figure gain that month.

Looking back and tracking just how far you have come can really put things into perspective.

A lot of people also seem to be quite interested in this stuff.

So here I present to you my year in review!

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Steph the Shuffler | Travelling on the cheap

When Pat first spoke to me about retiring early, one of my initial worries was that our travelling days were over. I shared these thoughts in my very first post ‘A Shuffler’s other half – what the girlfriend thinks‘ as Steph the Shuffler.

As we spoke more, we agreed that we wouldn’t sacrifice the things that are important to us. However, any future trips between now and retirement will need to be super frugal.

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Things to steer clear of in the supermarket maze

In a previous post I gave some basic tips for not spending a fortune when buying your groceries. This post here is more of a rant on the deplorable state of our modern supermarkets that have become hustlers of over-processed convenience foods. To make matters worse, swarms of sheeple further encourage the degradation of our supermarkets.

I have wanted to write about this for some while, but I recently got the spur of energy I needed. It all started when Steph wanted to buy a hummus dip.

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