Aussie Firebug and Pat the Shuffler have a conversation

A quick post to just let you all know that Aussie Firebug and I had a fun chat about early retirement, happiness and investing!

I came across Matt’s blog early on when investigating the Australian FI/RE scene. I have enjoyed listening to his podcasts since then.

Matt is about the same age as me, lives in Victoria and has been aggressively chasing Financial Independence for years now.

I fancy ourselves in a race to a million. A race which Matt is handily beating me in at the moment.

You can find the podcast at this link:

Podcast – Pat The Shuffler

Honestly this podcast could have been much longer. I hope Matt and I can have another chat in a few years when we are both fully retired. At that time, we can reflect upon our journeys behind us and perhaps how our views have changed over the years.

Having an Australian specific podcast is so beneficial to building up the FI/RE community in Australia. This encourages smart people to get involved in producing even more great content around our specific issues with investment, tax and superannuation. So show Matt some love by dropping by his podcast page and leaving him a comment.

Keep fighting the good fight Matt.

Shuffling in conversation

Pat the Shuffler

9 Replies to “Aussie Firebug and Pat the Shuffler have a conversation”

  1. My two favourite Aussie bloggers collaborated?! Best idea since Run DMC and Aerosmith got together back in the day…


    Lots of juicy stuff there! As you said, you could have talked for hours more and it would have been cool if you did. Hope you’ll chat with each other and publish the results more frequently than just every decade or so though.

    1. Definitely! Glad to hear we can give you some interesting content. We might catch up in a few years, chances are we will both reach our goals even sooner than our projections.

    1. Sageybadegay, sounds great, but don’t know if we have enough interesting things to talk about to keep that up!

    1. Thanks SMA

      It was certainly a lot of fun, can’t wait to be in a position where I have even more to talk about with Matt.

  2. Was a great chat Pat!

    You’re right. We could have talked for hours about stuff. Defiantly need to have you back on sometime 🙂